About Jomitek

Company history

Jomitek was founded in 1997 by Peter Johansen, driven by the business idea of developing a device for the power industry, capable of indicating the direction of fault on a power line in a short circuit situation. This technology continues to be among the baseline features in our medium voltage sensor products.

Since then the ongoing research and innovations produced by Jomitek has led to a number of applications based on the accumulated expertise within magnetic and electrical field measurements, and advanced sensor filtering and processing algorithms.

The first decade of the company history was largely spent on mapping end-customer needs, carrying out a multitude of pilot and full-scale installations, and refining the functional capabilities of the devices produced.

This effort was from an early stage split in two seperate branches: Substation automation for the power industry, and lightning indication & protection mainly directed toward wind turbines. The business areas are connected in that they require extremely robust sensor platforms, capable of measuring very weak magnetic and electrical fields with an extensive frequency range – the area of specialization for Jomitek.

In recent years, with several pilot and full-scale customer deliveries secured, the development focus has increasingly shifted towards producing a sensor suite which is not only very stable in operation, but also presents the operators with a much higher ease of installation and integration into their supervision systems (SCADA).

Jomitek is proud to provide our sensor suites and automation systems to the industry, featuring unique combinations of functionalities, customization options, mechanical and functional robustness, and extremely competitive pricing.

Operational setup

The Jomitek office houses dedicated development engineers with a combined background in electrical engineering, and specialization in fields such as embedded system development, sensor systems, control systems, RF/microwave design, wireless technologies, and power electronics.

The hardware production is largely outsourced, such that only final assembly, factory calibration and functional testing is completed in-house.

Jomitek is working in an ongoing cooperation with many of the major medium voltage vendors, with the end goal of not only retro-fitting already installed equipment, but also creating fully integrated automation solutions for new switchgear products.